We've thought of the details so you don't
have to.

Paperclipt starts with organizing your life on paper, but it is so much more than that. Paperclipt provides ongoing guidance, education, and tools to keep you organized and your information secure. 

Paperclipt is an organizational system that includes: documents and support to help you get organized, regular reminders and guidance to keep your information up-to-date, an ever-expanding library of organizational tools, and tips on best practices for keeping your information useful, accessible, and safe. 

Why Paperclipt?

When you join Paperclipt at any paid level (from DIY to Full-Service), you get access to all of our tools and guidance. (The difference is just in how much help you want from us.) Complete the Organizers in the following categories, and get your life organized. (Or at least it will look that way on paper!)


Gather your medical information.


Get an overview of your finances.


Maintain your assets.


Document your instructions.


Secure your personal information.

The Fun Stuff

Don’t forget the fun stuff! Be sure to preserve your family history, funny anecdotes, and memories.

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Get - and stay - Organized.

Get organized.
Stay organized.
Rest assured.

Paperclipt helps you get organized and stay that way.

The Paperclipt Process:

"Wow! I can't believe my mom made this herself. Such a slay."
Ally's Child
Gen Z
"Paperclipt is saving us so much money!"
An Anonymous Boomer